BMW R-Series Specials

As the R-series driver will admit, the fans of these models will always be the purists. This series is probably the most recognizable, both brand-wise and series-wise. The two-cylinder Boxer engine, air or water-cooled, set the BMW R100, BMW R80 and BMW R65models apart.

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Nowadays, BMW is well-known for its motorcycle and especially the R-series (BMW R65, BMW R80) and K-series.

BMW R-Series Specials

DIY lovers will often go for the BMW R65, BMW R80 or BMW R100. The BMW R65 is a bit underpowered compared to the BMW R90, but that model is expensive and uncommon. This is why most people choose the BMW R80, while the BMW R100 is reserved for a lucky few as it is an expensive and less common model. Here is a rule of thumb: the more you pay, the higher engine capacity and horsepower.

Our customers at like the R-series because the engine is simply stunning and has a tough look. The sound of the two-cylinder engine is music to the ear and the engine’s torque makes every ride fun. Moreover, the engine looks very clean and neat, which means you can quickly set up a project with a BMW R80, BMW R100 or BMW R65.

The R-series also has a bolt-on subframe, which is easy to remove, adjust and/or change. For this reason, we have developed a series of subframe designed for these BMW engines. This way, you will be able to get the most out of your BMW R80, BMW R100 and BMW R65. Many parts are available and can be used on several models because the different models have many similarities.

Since there is a lot of potential demand, the R&D concerning this series has greatly increased. If you have decided to rebuild a BMW, then you can picture yourself as a child in a candy store. There are so many custom parts available that you will not know where to look. For example:

  • CNC-milled gas caps
  • Subframe kits
  • Custom license plate holders
  • Exhaust kits
  • Electronic kits for meters
  • Seats
  • Springs
  • Mudguards
  • Battery box
  • Triple clamps and front fork parts
  • Other parts