Exhaust For Motorcycles

Making the right choice of a caferacer exhaust for your cafe racer, is a very tough choice. With a cafe racer exhaust you can think of a complete exhaust system, but you can also only go for a caferacer silencer. 

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Exhaust For Motorcycles

When choosing the right silencer for your motorcycle, there are a few things to consider.

E-approved. If you think it's important that your bike gets an e-approved silencer, you can look at the E-approval sign in our shop. Usually, an e-approved silencer is a lot less loud and often a lot more expensive. For these reasons, one usually chooses a non-approved silencer, which is available in a wide range.

These silencers come in all kinds of versions from chrome, black, aluminum to even a combination off. We have a wide range of brands. You can think of Supertrapp silencers, Akrapovic silencers, Max exhaust systems, but for a brand like Vance & Hines you can also come to us with your cafe racer, chopper, bobber or other motorcycle project.