Do you want to fit a new odometer, tachometer or GPS speedometer? Then take a look at our product range below. We have a large assortment of counters.

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With a speedometer you can go many ways. Digital, mechanical, super modern or just oldskool. You name it, we have it. Are you going for a complete digital dashboard or multiple clocks? One thing is certain; if you buy motorbike parts at Caferacerwebshop, you will enjoy many advantages:

  • Competitive prices
  • Large range of speedometers & tachometers
  • Service from fellow motorbike enthusiasts
  • Free shipping from €250/350
  • Orders placed before 21:00 hours will be delivered tomorrow!

You can find everything for your motorbike project here! For many styles, such as naked bikes, cafe racers, scramblers and more, we have the matching parts available.

Range of counters

We have many types of counters in our assortment. Tachometers and speedometers, also called speedometers, are available in digital and mechanical versions. The meters allow you to easily monitor the status of the vehicle and the driving style.

Digital speedometer and tachometer

Do you want a modern, digital counter? Then take a look at our digital category. Here you will find the most diverse meters. Comprehensive or very simple, futuristic or with a vintage look. We have the right clock for every style of motorbike.

Digital speedometer

There are many different types of digital speedometers. Complete dashboards with instant revs, lights and indicators, malfunction warnings and a gear indicator. An example of such a speedometer is the Koso digital dashboard. A more simple digital speedometer is the Motogadget Motoscope mini. We also have gps speedometers, so take your time and look around among all the meters.

Digital tachometer

Many digital speedometers have a tachometer built in directly. Would you rather install several digital meters next to each other? Then you will also find plenty of possibilities in our collection. Go for the Daytona Velona for example, it has a minimalistic look and is always very accurate.

Mechanical counter

If you're looking for a vintage look and would rather go for an analogue counter, take a look at our range of mechanical counters. There you will find the perfect meter for every project.

Mechanical speedometer

Old mechanical speedometers are often less accurate. Do you therefore want one that measures your speed precisely and still looks the same as your old counter? Then we are here for you! What you should pay attention to is what speed the odometer goes up to.

Mechanical tachometer

The mechanical tachometers are also available as separate counters. They are available in different sizes and colours. So there is always one that fits your bike. Black and chrome covers are the most popular, and the clock itself is also available in different colours, with a black or white face. In short, plenty of choice!

Other counters

In the category "other meters" you will find separate petrol meters, oil pressure gauges, gear shift indicators and much more! So be sure to look through there as well if you want to check a value while driving.


For meters to work properly, you need sensors. The sensors send the information to the clocks, allowing you to read the information while driving. For each type of meter (odometer, gear indicator, rev counter, etc.) you will find the matching sensor here.


The accessories category is filled with add-ons to customise your dashboard. Individual indicator lights, dashboard mounting rings (for the mounting of multiple clocks), brackets, individual housings are all available here.

Need help?

Do you need help picking out the right odometer, tachometer or everything around it? We understand that it can be difficult to find what you're looking for in such a large assortment. So don't hesitate to contact us. We are motorbike enthusiasts just like you and will be happy to help you on your way!