About Us

Motorcycles United is a Dutch (Holland) founded company, where the employees actually still love to get their hands greasy!

We have a great comunity, with over 200.000 combined Social Media fans and over 150.000 Monthly Readers on our BLOG.

Due to our location, we can ship very fast within Europe and the rest of the world (excluding the USA... sorry guys) 

As a wholesale distributor, our product range is most-definately not the biggest in the world and we like to keep it that way to remain focus on "Shed Buidling"

We excel at: 

- Super Fast Shipping. Order before 16:00 (GMT+1) and we ship it immediately
- Personal Service. Custom projects need some care and we love to support
- Innovation. We do not offer loads of random stuff; we find the cool and trendy bits and also produce them when needed.
- Listening. That is right, we do care about your and you customer's feedback to create the best experience for all. Price too high? Ok, let's see what is possible. Need it in chrome? We'll find it! Etcetera.
- Drop-Shipping. A very expensive option... Right? Well, NO. Just the shipping costs that need to be paid per country. Could be €0,- when you are above a certain limit!

We work with over 150 brands, from K&N to Emgo and we can get about everything, but like to assist you to find what you and your customer(s) need.

We work with many local and semi-local builders and fabricators, so we can tackle smaller problems, just for your project(s) as well. We love to think along and be your one-stop-supplier.

We couldn't be more happy to welcome you to this webshop and our community!

Note: We can only sell to VAT registered companies, with a relevant and legitimate VAT Number.
If you are a consumer, you cannot make an account. We are sorry for this.

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Motorcycles United

CoC #: 66291887
TAX #: NL856483187B01
IBAN: NL74RABO0160767105
Swift/Bic: RABONL2U 
Phone : +31(0)85 0606065
Email: info@motorcyclesunited.eu