Return Policy

General information

Motorcycles United is located at Beckerweg 1, 9731AW, Groningen, The Netherlands and is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, number 66291887 (“Motorcycles United” or “we” or “us”).

We are an independent European distributor of parts and accessories for motorcycles and are not affiliated with any motorcycle manufacturer. All brand names and model designations are used in reference only. All brand names or trademarks used in our publications, both electronic and printed, are the property of their respective holders. 

All purchases are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Dutch VAT (21%). We are a Dutch company and in The Netherlands we have a 21% VAT.  When we approve your account, you can buy without VAT. This is also how the prices are presented in the shop.

These Terms will supersede any and all other conditions or terms you may use for ordering goods at all times. 



Fees paid for international duties, taxes and/or brokerage fees are non-refundable.

In the unlikely event that you receive goods which are not what you have ordered or which are damaged or defective, or are of a different quantity to that stated on your order form, we shall, at our own option, make good any shortage or non-delivery, replace or repair any damaged or defective goods, or refund to you the amount you paid for the goods in question PROVIDED THAT you notify us of the problem in writing at the address stated in the confirmation e-mail within one working day after delivery of the goods and PROVIDED THAT you return the damaged or defective goods to us.

Only when postage is prepaid returns will be accepted. No shipping cost credit will be issued on any return shipment. A copy of the invoice on which the returned item was billed plus our Returns Form, must be included in all return shipments.

When either the invoice or the form is not included the return will be put aside without further notice and the returned goods will be destroyed after 15 working days. We will not be liable for any costs due to the loss of the returned goods. 

On all returns there is a 15% re-stocking fee with a minimum of 15,00 Euro. Funds for re-stocked items will be credited on the next invoice. Incorrectly supplied or ordered goods must be returned within 14 days or 10 working days after invoice date, clean and in its unopened original packaging. These will be credited on the next invoice(s). We will not refund any payments, but will only credit with future orders. The credit will only be valid for 12 months and will expire without further notice. 

Electrical items cannot be returned. We do not warrant any electrical items including batteries. Any warranty concerning electrical items must be addressed to the manufacturer directly. 

Product bought from the Apparel Category of our shop CANNOT be returned.

Do you want to return something? Always report this to [email protected]

When we agree, you can return your parts. 

Fill in the following form and send it in the email you send us to report your return. 

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