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Brake Pad Set MCB602SV

Brake Pad Set MCB602SV

Brake Pad Set MCB602SV
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Brake Pad Set MCB602SV

  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect braking on wet surfaces
  • Equipped with a coat of anti-corrosion paint
  • Compatible with all original brake discs and Lucas
  • With ceramic underlay to prevent overheating
  • High friction index and excellent braking performance

Brake pads? What does what mean? An explanation.

Road motors

MCB ... = Organic pad front and rear brake, for standard use

MCB ... LF = Standard quality rear brake pad

MCB ... SV = High quality sintered front brake pad, for intensive use, also for abs

MCB ... SH = High quality rear brake pad for intensive use, also for abs

MCB ... SRQ = Race quality sintered front brake pad

MCB ... CRQ = Race quality carbon front brake pad

Off Road

MCB ... SI = Sintered brake pad for off road "all weather" (front and rear)

MCB ... RSI = Race quality sintered for off road "dry conditions" (front and rear)

MCB ... RQ = Sintered brake pad for trial use


MCB ... SR = Sintered brake pad for the scooter up to 125cc (front and rear)

MCB ... SRM = Sintered brake pad for the Maxi scooter from 125cc (front and rear)

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