Drop Shipping

Do you like to offer your customers a nice range of parts?

Do you not like to stock all the parts yourself for financial or time intensive reasons?

Well, we do stock those partsand can send them directly to your customers.

It's pretty easy!

, you can show your customers this shop (please log out to hide the prices) and let them choose the parts.

With the MSRP, you will know what the retail price should be, so when he or she agrees, you can settle the payment with them.

Second, when you have received your payment, you login, place your order and fill in the customer's address as the shipping address and of you go!

Last, BUT not least, do NOT forget to add the words "DROP SHIPPING" in the comments of the Cart.

This way, we do not send any promotional or financial documentation with this order.

It is super easy and time/cost efficient!